2018 Events​​

MSKSI hosts the first annual EMPOWER HER- Mentoring Rising Stars Conference on January 5, 2019!
Posted January 12, 2019
It was a great day building leadership awareness, confidence, and inspiration through mentor keynotes, interactive activities and networking!  Girls who completed the program year with MSKSI were acknowledged, as well as program mentors, sponsors and volunteers.
MSKSI Engineering Pathway welcomes mentors from Northrop Grumman!
Posted Nov 20, 2018
MSKSI girls had a great time discovering more about Engineering careers and all the different ways to discover how things work!  Velma Penn and Theda Nixon shared how their interest in creativity sparked careers in Engineering Design.  Mentor Ruby Turner, also from NG spoke to parents and mentees about overcoming challenges over her career and the power or perserverance!
Engineering PW_Mentors.png
MSKSI Medical Sciences Pathway enlightened us to the many methods to help people live healthier lives!
Posted Oct 10, 2018
Do you know the difference between allopathic and naturopathic medicine?  We do!  Visiting the Bastyr University Naturopathic Medical Clinic taught us more about holistic and natural medicine, and Dr. Heather Lewis helped us understand how to take vitals and understand the different types of practice in allopathic medicine.  Dr. Mili Metz shared about mental health diagnostics and the importance of maintaining mental health.
MSKSI School of Awake was a time of Personal growth, self-esteem building and FUN!
Posted July 22, 2018
The first annual MSKSI School of Awake launched in July.  The three day workshop focused on helping girls develop the competencies needed to effectively communicate ideas and feelings, develop healthy relationships with self and others, embrace her authentic self, develop mindfulness and a growth mindset and learn strategies for self care.
Thank you to everyone who supported our Paint and Sip Fundraiser at Paint and Sip Temecula! 
It was a successful fundraiser and loads of fun!
MSKSI Visits FutureLink in Corona, CA
Posted May 29, 2018
The MSKSI team visited FutureLink STEAM Play Space and discovered new fun facts about 3D printing, Virtual Reality, and how technology solves problems.  Thank you to Darshawn and Neha for the informative tour!
Virtual Reality Therapy is shaping the future!

Posted May 18, 2018


MSKSI visited Immersion Neurofeedback Technologies in Temecula, CA and discovered how VR is changing the lives of people with mental health disorders, anxiety disorders, and challenges with stress management.

The girls all had a chance to try the VR goggles and experience the fun!  Our host, Brian Wong, CEO, gave a very informative session on the makeup of the brain and how VR is re-witing neuropathology and creating new breakthroughs in science and tech!

MSKSI visits Archi's Acres Organic Farm to learn more about Sustainable Agriculture

Posted March 3, 2018


 Oh, the places we will go!  We had a blast at the Organic Farm for our first field trip!  The girls got to see micro-organisms that help plants better absorb nutrients and that serve as natural pesticides, and observed a technology smart greenhouse that makes conditions perfect for growing crops!  Our girls were given their own bag of seeds to start and grow their own organic gardens at home!