About Us

Who We Are:  My Sister's Keeper Success Institute, Inc. (MSKSI) is an education nonprofit 501c(3) located in Temecula, CA. MSKSI was founded in 2017, and serves girls ages 10 - 17 in Southwest Riverside County, CA, and soon will be accessible in all 50 states through virtual programming. 
Our   Response is to...
  • Engage Girls in STEAM & Entrepreneurial Career Exploration

    In 2018, minority women were still represented less in computing, science and engineering occupations than they were in the U.S. general population, even less representation than any other female demographic. 

    • Given our complex and changing world, we will need citizens who are critical thinkers and problem-solvers to meet our modern challenges.

    • Our programs help help spark curiosity about STEAM, especially for those who might not think of themselves as "math and science girls."

    • Entrepreneurship is also a way for girls to consider bringing creative solutions to global problems and consumer demands in the 21st century.

  • Encourage pursuit of Growth Industries & High Demand Job Sectors

    Available jobs in STEAM are set to increase 17 percent between 2014 and 2024, while non-STEAM employment will grow just 12 percent. 

    • By 2022, California will have the largest STEAM workforce in the nation and the largest share of US STEAM jobs. 

    • Small business ownership is also encouraged  to bring innovative, creative solutions to a global community.

    • Consequently, we need to ensure our youth have the knowledge and skills needed for STEAM jobs and business ownership;

    • Girls must learn to tackle problems creatively and systematically, including the abilities to sift through information, draw reasonable conclusions, make decisions based on evidence, and come up with creative solutions. 

  • Offer Personal Growth & Development Programs

    In our MSKSI School of Awake Programs, we build healthy mindsets and practices that will help girls sustain the success they achieve in life, in the face of challenges and negative conditions.

    • Unfortunately, because of systemic race and gender discrimination, African American girls are often stereotyped before they even enter a school building, and this affects their self-perceptions and self-esteem as well as the perceptions of their teachers.

    • Our programs include an interactive curriculum to help girls develop the competencies needed to effectively communicate ideas and feelings, develop healthy relationships with self and others, embrace her authentic self, develop mindfulness and a growth mindset and learn strategies for self-care.                     

  • Engage SHEROES: Mentoring Makes the Difference

    Enter the power of Mentors. MSKSI helps girls visualize ways that they could change the world through connecting them with Mentors who have careers in STEAM, entrepreneurship, or who can help them navigate their personal growth journey.

    • These Mentors help girls to create an actionable plan to accomplish their goals.

    • The Mentors can share the meaning they make in their work, the types of problems they solve in their work and how they solve them.

    • Girls with Mentors can more clearly understand why the careers they are exploring are important, and why it could be beneficial to pursue.

    • Girls can more easily see themselves in their mentors, and could imagine themselves as future actors in STEAM careers through the benefit of mentorship.