Board of Directors &  Team

Founder & Chair, Board of Directors

Executive Director

Kristen Newsome, M.Ed


I started My Sister's Keeper Success Institute because every day that girls don't have the confidence or advocacy to reach their potential, and combat gender and racial stereotypes, the world misses out on their creativity, innovation, and problem-solving. Equity and Inclusion of women of color in STEM with their resilience, creativity, and brilliance is what's missing in this global technology age.

-Kristen Newsome, MSKSI Founder

Executive Board of Directors

Vice Chair, BOD
Sonya Sanders, Secretary, BOD
Evette Richardson
Treasurer, BOD

Board of Directors

Lisa Wilson
2021 - 2023
Audra Nunnik
2021 - 2023
Kevin Pitts
2021 - 2023
Karen Totty
2019 - 2021
Matthew McLaughlin
2021 - 2023
Dr. Mili Metz
2021 - 2023
Student Mentee
2021 - 2023

2020 Program Mentors

Tumona Austin, Ed.D.
School of Awake Mentor
Selena Culpepper
Technology Mentor/
GWC Facilitator
Kaysha  Smith
Vista Murrieta High School 
Coordinator, SoA Mentor
Lina  Luu
STEAM Mentor
Environmental Science
Zaria Towery
School of Awake
Junior Mentor
Patricia Ambroziak
Be Kekoa Apothecary
Aromatherapy/Cosmetic Chemistry
Dazhanae Houston
Junior Mentor
Coding Club Facilitator