2021 Calender of Events

ARTS, Innovation & Life Skills Workshop

Introduction to Quantum Computing | QUIBIT X QUIBIT

Friday, May 21, 2021

Time 5PM PST

This is a workshop sponsored by QUIBIT X QUIBIT that is open to girls and boys in middle and high school.  Learn about the cutting edge tech field of Quantum Computing and how it is changing the world!


Registration is now open!

2021 School of Awake Summer Camp

The Confident Girl

Mon - Fri, June 14 - 25, 2021

Time 10 AM - 12 PM

Celebration in- person event on June 25!

$150 activity fee - financial assistance is available

The Confident Girl Summer Camp includes activities that improve young women's awareness and identity, develop talent and potential, and enhance employability and overall quality of life.

Registration is now open!