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MSKSI Mentoring Programs are here to provide BIPOC girls with high-quality online mentoring, well-being tools, and resources that help them to pursue high demand careers and holistic wellness.

Virtual Programs

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Short-Term Group Mentoring

Short-term mentoring is designed to give girls access to multiple 2-hour sessions with a panel of mentors who are experts in their fields based on girls' interests and needs. We cover topics such as health and wellness, finances, starting a business, and much more!

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One-to One Mentoring

One-to One Mentoring is a paid program where girls are matched and assigned to a dedicated mentor over the school year. Their mentor addresses and supports their development in personal growth and confidence, education planning and leadership development.


Special Events

Special events are designed for community celebrations and gatherings.  We hold an annual end-of-year celebration that is open to the public and some events may happen regionally throughout the year based on participation and demand.

Our Mission

Education Planning & Career Mentoring

Our mentoring programs address the strengths, interests, and aptitudes of our girls and support them in education and vocational planning for high-demand careers that allow them to consider paths that will give them opportunities to solve problems and create solutions in areas they care about.


Personal Development Mentoring

Our mentoring programs ensure girls are building confidence, learning to love and appreciate their authentic selves, and are developing healthy habits of mind and wellness strategies to help them thrive in everyday life and into adulthood.

We Need Your Support to Bridge Girls to Success!

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