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High School Engineering Academy

2022 STEAM Engineering Academy is a 12-week program designed to help female BIPOC girls, who are historically grossly underrepresented in engineering, find value in engineering careers by exploring the career paths available, learning about the creative edge of engineering and design, practicing 10 disciplines for developing an engineering mindset, and exploring the value of diversity and inclusion in engineering.  

Students will engage in hands-on “boot camp style” experiences that demonstrate the interplay between STEM disciplines.  The program will combine engaging discussions, tutorials, experiments, and field activities in an environment designed to be supportive, enriching, and most importantly – fun!  The Engineering STEAM Academy will also host a “SHEngineer” Virtual Mentoring series, weekend challenges, and mentored engineering & design team projects.

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Learning Outcomes

Participants will...

-understand the function and purpose of engineering and the intersection between STEM disciplines

-understand diversity & inclusion needs in the field of engineering and present it as a value proposition for future opportunities 

-build knowledge of diverse career pathways in engineering and the training and career requirements

-gain competency in MSKSI’s 13 STEAM learning objectives 

-develop the ability to think critically about and define the problem/need, and create solutions that address the problem/need


Statistics on BIPOC Women in Engineering

while only 20% of engineering graduates are
women, only one in five engineering degrees earned by women are by women of color

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