Mentors Make the Difference

Parents, mentors, and educators can usher young women of color into STEM/STEAM careers with lifestyle-driven educational programs that ignite creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication.
MSKSI offers STEAM & Career Mentoring during 5-week or 10-week STEAM Pathway sessions and during workshops held throughout the calendar year. 
Personal Growth Mentoring occurs during the School of Awake Program. 
*Mentoring is currently facilitated 100% online due to COVID-19 restrictions. 
All mentors are subject to a criminal background check, interview, and reference check before engaging with MSKSI mentees.
MSKSI connects girls with mentors from various industries in STEM to...
Share meaning they make in their work, the types of problems they solve in their work, and how they solve them

Help girls more clearly understand why the careers they are exploring are important, and why it could be beneficial to pursue

Be present as supporters, guides, and advocates; help with education choices, inspire interest, and assist with networking as girls progress through middle and high school

What Mentoring Accomplishes...

develops interest

Mentor girls to develop an interest in STEAM and STEAM learning activities.



“I like to do this.”


Mentor girls to develop a capacity to productively engage in STEAM learning activities.


“I can do this.”

realize possibilities

Mentor girls to see themselves as possible actors in STEAM and demand industry careers


“I can see myself here.”


Mentor girls to value the goals of STEAM and STEAM learning activities and how they change the world.

“This is important to me."