MSKSI School of Awake  

 Personal Development Program

The Need


Unfortunately, because of systemic race and gender discrimination, African American girls are often stereotyped before they even enter a school building, and this affects their self-perception and self-esteem as well as the perceptions of their teachers.


Indeed, according to a recent study conducted by the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and the National Women's Law Center, “as African American boys and girls develop their identity and gender role perspectives, they must determine how to reconcile negative images and stereotypes and experiences of oppression into their identities and self-concepts."

Awaken Her Confidence and


MSKSI aspires to mentor young women of color to not only thrive in their planning for higher education and careers in STEM, but also to build healthy mindsets and practices that will help them sustain the success they achieve in life, in the face of challenges and negative conditions. This is accomplished through Personal Development Workshops, facilitated through our "MSKSI School of Awake." 


These workshops and mentoring sessions will include an interactive curriculum to help girls develop the competencies needed to effectively communicate ideas and feelings, develop healthy relationships with self and others, embrace her authentic self, develop mindfulness, a growth mindset and learn strategies for self-care.