For  Parents 

Give Your Daughter an Advantage through Mentoring!

Imagine your daughter coding a computer app or being excited about physics. Imagine her jumping into environmental studies or wanting to help discover new medical breakthroughs to help people live healthier lives.


See her taking on the challenge of transitioning to college or technical training — with the confidence that she has what it takes to navigate any subject.

How your daughter believes in what is possible for her life affects her now and tomorrow. Your perspective is the first that shapes her perspective on her capabilities and potential. Our goal is to help her develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary in the technology age and to partner with you in instilling confidence and courage to face challenges. 


Partner with MSKSI to learn about our best practices to support her, and get the support of the MSKSI community to help your daughter explore her possibilities without limitations in an affirming and encouraging environment.

What We Ask of Parents: