• Kristen Newsome, Founder

Courage to Change the World Through Presence: Color Expression

Today in MSKSI School of Awake, we discuss color therapy as an area of holistic healing that uses color in an attempt to affect our mood, emotions, and possibly even our health. There are different ways to incorporate color therapy into your life and to use intentional color association to affect daily and situational mood and emotions. Also, we discussed the power of color in the foods we eat (Eating the Rainbow) and the nutritional value and natural antioxidants that help our bodies heal and grow. Finally, we identified our most influential power hue and discovered ways to incorporate it into our lives more fully!

At Home Activities:


1. Through the looking glass exercise:

-Find a pair of colored sunglasses (or a colored item that you can see through)

-Look around through the color lens-note what you see and how you feel.

-Remove lens and reflect on any differences that you notice

2. Eat the rainbow: Eat foods that grow from the earth and are vibrant in color.

3. Wear a new color that you love and take a selfie and post it on the SOA blog

4. Journal about how eating "rainbow food" or wearing color makes you feel; Are you energized? Calm? Do you feel more confident & bold?

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