• Kristen Newsome, Founder

Courage to Change the World Through Presence: Words & Actions

Today, we learned that words are powerful and can heal or hurt. We also learned that not using our voice can also be hurtful. There are things the world needs us to speak. It is important to be authentic and genuine with our communication. Creating clear and intentional communication helps us express what is important to us, and what may also present a new perspective to others. By being clear you empower yourself to create your own story as opposed to being a by-stander and letting others create your narrative.

As important as our word is our actions, both work together to create influence. Influence is the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or actions/behavior of someone or something. If we are silent and never act, we cannot influence anything. Many great influential Queens existed before us and changed the future of their kingdoms. As young queens, you also have the ability to influence and lead, but YOU are the only one that can decide to be courageous enough to do it.

At Home Activities:


  1. Research an African Queen of your choosing and share what you find out about her influence and what she did for her Kingdom https://africa.com/great-ancient-african-queens/

  2. Create a Royal Coat of Arms including your signature colors, important virtues, strengths, and what you want to change in the world https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lE0U8ROvO_AB3vd36uvc6pFB8lZQvhTb7QP3l1DYi7k/edit?usp=sharing

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