• Kristen Newsome, Founder

Courage to Share: GET WOKE!

Today on the 5th day of MSKSI School of Awake, we discussed the Courage to Share and how we can take the knowledge and information we learned about and share it with our friends, family, and community. We are looking for ways to spread encouragement, inspiration and truth to a world that needs us to share our presence!

Our Activity at Home for the weekend is listed below:


Start a video\written journal entry and discuss your own personal growth journey, in your words and for your eyes only. Check-in with yourself on how you feel about things going on in the world, how you notice certain feelings in your body. Remember to BREATHE. When journaling, reflect on ideas we discussed this week such as: your connection to the Universe, your unique strengths, abilities and virtues, your communication style and how to manage it for better communication with others, your use of affirmations and how you use them to access authenticity, and your assessment of your spiritual practices and gratitude and how they impact your life. Share only what you want to, and please do not judge what you write! They are your thoughts, and remember, you are enough!

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