• Kristen Newsome, School of Awake Founder

The Courage to Care for and Nurture Self: Nature & Stress Management

Today we discussed the aspects of self-care that involve connecting to nature, stress management through sleep, mindfulness, unplugging, and physical, emotional, social and spiritual renewal. Our best selves can only manifest when we take time to care for and nurture ourselves.

At Home Activities:


1. Take photos of beauties observed in nature and share (Nature walk)

2. Find your tribe, identify 3 people worthy of gifts.

3. Create your own “stress ball”: balloons, ziplock bag, sock, rice, beans, sand

4. Experiment with one of the mindfulness activities on the SOA blog

Mindfulness Activities: https://docs.google.com/document/d/193OT5ZCZmKsOszsFuGFM4Itn4jHKSEhPHTGtRpEPcY4/edit?usp=sharing

5. Myths about self care:


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