• Kristen Newsome, School of Awake Founder

The Courage to Create Your Own Reality: Spirituality & Gratitude

Today we learned about the Courage to Practice Spirituality and Gratitude. We all have our own ways in which we feed our spirit or soul. Spiritual practices are all anchored by self-love! We discussed how taking the time to slow down, reflect, listen to our spirit, express ourselves musically, though dance, and other ways...it is an expression of love for self and our Creator.

One of the best and most important spiritual practices one can adapt and regularly perform is gratitude. Gratitude focuses us on love and the right position of heart. It allows you to affirm thankfulness for the things you have in your life that matter and benefit you.

Activity at Home:


For the at-home activity, each of you will write a love letter to yourself expressing your joy and appreciation for your most authentic self. Be specific in naming what you appreciate most about yourself and what you bring to the world. On the backside of your letter, you may glue your authentic self-portrait OR make another drawing of beautiful you!

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