• Kristen Newsome, Founder

The Courage to Create Your Reality: Authenticity & Affirmations

For the next two days, we will be exploring our Courage to Create our Reality. Creating our reality is about making what we believe, value and feel about our self worth a reality in the world by evidence of our actions, communications and presence.

Our activities at home are listed below:

Wednesday: Choose one activity

1. Affirmation Songs: Affirmations can be effective when put to music. Find a tune you love and create your own affirmation song! Music speaks melody to the heart.

2. Affirmation poster: Create an artistic poster and get as specific as you possibly can with your affirmations and choose illustrations that you can view often throughout your day. Pictures and words together can assist in creating concrete goals for you to work toward.

3. Affirmation Banner: This is a decorative banner that displays powerful messages that inspire you towards greater authenticity and authentic power. Banners can be put just about anywhere, on mirrors, over your bed, on the wall, anywhere you can see it, read and repeat it every day!

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