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Sponsors help make it possible for MSKSI to advance our mission. For more information on becoming an MSKSI sponsor, connect with us at sponsor@msk-successinstitute.org

Dear Friend of MSKSI,
Take a moment to consider the daily experience of many young women in under-represented groups navigating their education experience.  Her teachers may think she has given up...her peers are not always supportive of her sharp intellect, and she isn't always confident that she can one day become the person she imagines herself to be.  
My Sister’s Keeper Success Institute, Inc. presents the possibility that to tap into her unique brilliance, she needs to be challenged to stretch outside of low expectations of her abilities, engage in a community of support and advocacy, and connect with women who are blazing a trail she could follow.
Will you help us in our cause to help these girls gain the confidence and skills to realize their potential?  Your financial support, your gifts in kind, donation of space and sponsoring of events help us to continue the work that helps girls overcome challenges that seek to dim their bright futures.
Contact us today at sponsor@msk-successinstitute.org for information on how you can become an MSKSI Champion!