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Friendly Business Team

This class is completely online.  Student teams will work with industry mentors to solve real-world unmet clinical needs, devising a proof of concept, intellectual property/patent strategy, and pitch to industry leaders on the final day.

Medical Innovation Research & Entrepreneurship (M.I.R.E.) Program

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Benefits of Participation

BIPOC Student Opportunity

MSKSI targets female BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) students to widen access for all students to participate in high-quality STEM mentoring. Males and non-binary students are also welcome to apply, however, priority is given to BIPOC females who are most underrepresented in STEM education and careers.

High School and College Students Welcome

This program is rigorous and is open to high school students as well as college students who have not yet received an undergraduate degree.  Participants will explore the intersection of various careers in life science: legal, engineering, AI and technology, business, and more. This program is designed to inspire design thinking, critical thought, and advanced problem-solving in a clinical setting.

Stay Connected Through ULP Empowers

Participants of the M.I.R.E. Program will remain alumni of the program and can continue to contact industry mentors, ULP staff, and instructors after program completion. ULP connection will give students access to internship opportunities, additional learning opportunities, and possible letters of recommendation for college, career, and postgraduate programs.

Program Cost

The M.I.R.E. Program is at no cost to students who participate through MSKSI. Students are required to write an essay on why they want to participate in the program and how it can help with their academic and career goals.

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