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  • Kristen Newsome

CCSWG supports MSKSI to continue work with girls most affected by the pandemic

We are again thrilled and humbled to have been selected for a $25,000 grant by the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls for the purpose of Capacity Building for programs impacting girls and young women and supporting their recovery in a post-pandemic world. CCSWG Executive Director Holly Martinez stated, “We had an incredible response for the $5 million in funding we have available to grant, demonstrating significant need around the state. We received and evaluated more than 630 proposals to support women and girls across all five funding categories, totaling over $62 million in requests. At this time, we are able to award 20% of all applications received.”

MSKSI is focused on growing our programs and services to BIPOC girls throughout the region and supporting their chances of creating the lives and futures they deserve to have.

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