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MSKSI Annual Young Women's Leadership Conference is almost here!

Updated: Oct 6

Empower Her - Mentoring Rising Stars YW Leadership Conference ticket sales are now open!

Empower Her: Mentoring Rising Stars Young Womens' Annual Leadership Conference is a time of inspiration & excellence, celebrating the success of our mentees, and recognizing our supporters. This annual event aims to engage champions in various industries and walks of life as keynote mentors to help young women of color believe differently about what is possible for their future and connect them to our mentoring programs to increase the odds of reaching their goals.

This year, our keynote speaker is Avis Brown-Riley, who at only ten years old won the 1974 Junior World Championship on the Presidio Hills Golf Course, becoming the first African American in the tournament’s history to win and hold 4 additional trophies for the tournament. Once she got a taste for success, her determination was ignited, and she continued to win more and more in her junior golf career, placing at the top of the leaderboard over 50 times, and winning 10 out of 16 tournaments before pursuing collegiate golf.

With an accomplished junior golf career, an impressive collegiate career, severe health challenges, leaving her golf career, and then a stunning comeback to golf, Avis’s story shows that the path to fulfilling your dreams is never a straight line. She proves that with many hardships and obstacles that come your way, your path is what you make of it, limited only by your passion, drive, and perspective. She is a living testimony that is never too late to achieve your dreams.

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